Monday, 16 May 2011

Spirit Animal - Foxy Times


While I was teaching a class yesterday, we got talking about all the wildlife that is showing up in the fields, and our back yards – both in the country and in the city.  One of the most commonly seen visitors is Fox.

The question was, “Why is Fox so in our faces all of a sudden?”

Good question!  Different sages have written about Fox.  They write that Fox is about mystery – because of its colouring, and that is true.  They write, too, that Fox is about being aware of family because Fox is a good parent, and a good pack member.  That is true.  Others have written that Fox is about being aware of one’s surroundings and the interconnectedness of all things.  I see this as true because of the way Fox adapts to city environments.

I think that Fox is the same as she/he ever was.  The difference, I believe is that we are more aware of Fox because we are more attuned to life around us.  Before this attuning, we were simply unaware of much of the natural life around us.

I also see Fox as a symbol for us in these changing times.  The symbol stands for adaptation, finding new food supplies (Fox has only survived because it has strong adaption skills that let it move through different environments, and it always goes where the food is), and for living outside the boundaries of what people think and expect.  Fox has long escaped man and his hunting dogs by doing the unexpected.

Fox is showing that it is there to support humans as they go through the changes of this next year.  Call on Fox to guide you.  It will show you how to “out-fox” the situation!

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