Thursday, 5 May 2011

Angels Speak -- Don’t Hide Away!


So many people have been talking to me about all the pressure that they are feeling in their head and in their bodies. It feels flu-like, and is not the flu.  They do not want to be out and about, they simply want to be at home, often in bed, because they are so very tired.

The Angels say that this is a common reaction to the pressure that the Earth is feeling as the plates shift.  What the Earth feels, we can often mirror if we feel connected to the Earth.  When we want to hide away, The Angels tell us to call them in and ask them to take away the pressured feeling, and the headaches, if that is what we feel.  The Angels are more than happy to stand between us and the energies that are body finds to difficult to assimilate. 

You can sit in meditation and ask the Archangels or Guardian Angels to keep your space protected, and then to come into the space and shift the pressure to a level that does not affect your body.  This may not work the first couple of times that you try it.  So, you need to persist, and to do this meditation several times.   The May Angels Magazine is up at

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