Monday, 30 May 2011

Spirit Animal - Rabbit Habits


I was sitting at a stop light on a very busy street, when a movement along the road caught my eye.  There was a small, brown bunny hopping from one patch of clover grass to another, without any concern for the traffic.  Bunny was on the outside boulevard between the main road and a service road.  The boulevard had to be about four feet wide.  When it needed a rest, it hopped over to a bush and lay down, stretched out, and dozed.

Since I had to sit through two lights, I had time to observe Bunny.  After a short doze, maybe three minutes, she hopped up, and went back to grazing.  Her habits seemed to be:

  • ignore the traffic noise
  • find the best food – new clover and new grass
  • get plenty of rest
  • understand where my boundaries are

I thought about what people could learn from Bunny’s habits. 

   -ignore what you can’t change

  -eat what is healthy and good for you

  -rest when you are tired or when your body sends signals for you to rest

  -look at what boundaries keep you locked in to a repetitive routine

Have a “hoppy” day!

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