Friday, 9 July 2010

Spirit Animal – Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig picture from Wikipediaimage

Guinea Pig came into my awareness today, carrying some grass, and chewing as it chatted.  It told me that its ancestors came from the area of the Peruvian Mountains. The Guinea Pig was bred in captivity to provide easy food for people and for use in ceremonies.

Guinea Pig is a healer.  This is one of the reasons that it has become a popular pet in the West.  Peru Shaman used the Guinea Pig as a diagnostic tool.  The Guinea Pig would crawl over the patient and then tell the Shaman what the illness was.   Incans believed that the Guinea Pig could talk easily to the Gods and could also provide prophecies. 

If Guinea Pig is demanding attention in your life, she has a message for you.  Her message:

We eat a very natural diet of raw vegetables. This diet keeps us free of any problematic additives to food.  Only when we eat man made pellets do we get disease and die.  We live close to the Earth, to feel it, feel its changes, and to be grounded.  It is time for you to be grounded.  You can live on a mountain top and still be grounded. 

All beings need exercise and it is good for you too, to exercise at the break of day or at dusk, for this is the time when the energy is balanced and it is easy for you to do what you need to do.  Guinea Pigs like to be social.  It is time for you to be more social with two or three people – good friends – for the time is coming where we will all need friends for support and for protection. 


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Anonymous said...

was having a hard time and prayed for healing before bed one night. In my dream, 4 shamans surrounded my body and they had a cage with a guinea pig in it that glowed brightly. They opened the latch and the guinea pig crawled into my ear and traveled all over inside my body and then came out the other ear and went back into its' cage. The dream sort of had an astral quality to it, like it was really happening on some plane or another. I didn't feel alleviated of depression, but i felt blessed and had gratitude for the experience.

Judith Hirst said...

Hi Anonymous. Thank you for sharing a wonderful dream. Sometimes it takes a while for a healing to complete. It may even be weeks. Love and light, Judy