Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Christmas Thoughts - Advice


Have you ever notices how much people want to give you advice? Have you ever noticed how often the advice does not make sense to what is going on in your life? Have you ever wondered just why people seem to want to give you advice and then get mad because you don’t take it?

It seems especially around Christmas that advice flows out of people as frequently as the snow that falls in the North. And, the advice is often so detailed, one wonders how much time the other person has on their hands. I am not saying that all advice is worthless or bad. In fact, some advice can change one’s life. I guess the biggest issue is that most advice is unsolicited. What is it that makes others want to interfere/intercede in your life? I am saying that when one wants advice, they usually ask for it.

The Angels tell us that giving advice all the time is a method of gaining influence or control over another. Rather than being content to manage one’s own life, advice givers have a need to “prove” that they are knowledgeable and know more than you do. The other part of giving advice is to show you as weak and incompetent.

The best option for dealing with people that hand out that never ending stream of advice is to limit your time with them, and even cut off contact with them. If you need to maintain contact, simply tell them that you will take the advice and consider it, and then let it go. If the person giving advice persists, that is often an indication that they have another agenda other than your well-being.

Many blessings.

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