Saturday, 9 April 2011

Spirit Speaks - The Dream Of Turkeys


My dream last night was so very strange.  I dreamed of riding in a car with a big man.  He took me to a farm yard, and told me that the turkeys that I could see were dehydrated, and that they had been in a great fire.  If they did not get water, they would die.  He asked me if I could water them, and I replied yes.

I jumped out of the car while he drove off to get more help.  I found a pail of water in the yard, covered with white feathers.  About 1/4 of mile away, I could see a small lake.  I wondered why the turkeys did not go to the lake.  I checked the water in the pail, and it was clear. I started pushing turkeys to the pail, and soaking their beaks.  Some finally began to drink.  I ran to a shed to get more pails.  I had to look hard for pails that were not cracked. 

As I came back to the turkeys, I saw one turkey fly up on the pail, and tip it over.  The water soaked into the ground.  I carried two pails of water – one for each end of the flock – and shoved turkeys to the pails, and soaked their beaks.  I heard a noise from the other side of the flock, where a bunch of turkeys were trying to drink, and saw one bigger turkey trying to chase the others away from the pail.  He finally flew up on the edge of the pail, and of course, tipped it, and all the water flowed away. 

I carried water until I thought my arms would fall off.  Some turkeys got water, however, they tipped the pails, fought over the pails, and generally wasted more water than they drank.  Some of the turkeys did not get water, and they were falling on the ground, dying.  I was upset!  I finally was so tired I took one of the empty pails, and turned it over and sat and cried.

The man in the car came back, with some help, but it seemed too late.  He patted my shoulder and told me that I had done a good job.  He and the others would burn the dead turkeys and give the turkeys that could drink, some more water. 

At that point, I woke up.  I knew the dream was telling me  a story.  The story felt like a parable about people.  This dream will stay with me a long time!

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