Friday, 1 April 2011

Spirit Speaks – Be Happy In Your Space


The message that keeps coming to me, over and over, is that this is a time of “getting it together”.  This is a time to orient one’s self to what is coming, and to be at peace with all changes.  This is a time to be happy in one’s space, and to be able to retreat and to care of self. 

I hear chanting at night – coming from a far away place.  It sounds like monks chanting very old sounds.  I find the rhythm of the sounds very comforting, and, they usually lull me to sleep. 

The space that I am in tells me to slow down and not to be too demanding of myself.  It seems that message is true for others, too.  When I analyze this with the sound of the chanting, it seems that what I hear is a chant for peace.  The underlying intent is for peace for each individual, peace for humanity, and peace for the planet. 

May each of you have a peaceful time!

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