Sunday, 24 April 2011

Spirit Animal - Magpie Plays With Air Elementals


Yesterday, the dogs and I walked along the ridge of the park that overlooks Deer Valley.  There was a medium breeze blowing – one that ruffles your hair and pulls it a bit, but causes no discomfort.

As we walked, I saw a Magpie fly up fairly high, and then close his wings close to his body, and dive down to the Earth for about ten seconds, and then snap open his wings and ride the air current up to the next dive. 

I have never seen a Magpie do this type of flying before.  I opened up my vision, and as I watched, I could see the fun the Magpie and the Air Elementals were having.  Magpie falling, and the Air Elementals catching her and flipping her up.  It seemed similar to what we might do when a bunch of people use a blanket to toss a person up in the air, and then catch them.

Magpie took a break and shared this lesson with me….

There are times when one must dive right in to what ever they are doing or what ever the situation is.  Then, there are other times that one must simply ride the waves or the current of what ever is going on.  One way is about action and the other way is about allowing.  Both are right, when they are needed!

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