Monday, 4 April 2011

Spirit Animal - Fox Says Find A Haven


The past month has been very hectic for Roger and I, and, we therefore decided that this past weekend, April 2 and 3, that we would take a short break.  We tried several hotels in Banff, and the only place with an opening was Fox Lodge. 

We arrived at Fox Lodge on Saturday after driving through a spring blizzard.  As we walked through the tree house like structure, and we saw this cave type opening, I started to laugh! 

I had been seeing a fox in my dreams and it kept taking me down into this large burrow which grew into a cave.  One of the features of the Fox Lodge is a very, fox-like cavern hot tub with a cave-like opening to the sky.  And, yes, snow falls through the opening.

I realized in our room, surrounded by Fox light fixtures and mountain animal printed wall paper, that Fox had been telling me to go to ground, and find a haven to rest in for a few days.  The Lodge had great food, great beds, plenty of entertainment, and a fantastic “quiet time” policy.

Fox enjoys its quiet time, too, and recognizes when others need that time.

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