Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Spirit Animal - The Winged Horse Guide



I could not sleep last night, and tossed and turned.  As I finally drifted off into that zone of haziness, I heard a noise.  I looked around and I was standing in a field and a very large, white, winged horse was standing there, pawing at the ground.  She said, “Come fly with me.” 

I wondered how I would sit on her back.  As it turns out, I did not need to worry. I grabbed her mane, and she lifted us both off the ground, and then, magically, I was on her back, behind her magnificent wings. The air felt cool around me, but I felt warm.  It felt like we flew for a long time, and then we landed in a large garden, behind what looked like a Labradorite castle.  My traveling companion shifted me to the ground, and walked over to an alcove, and said, “I have brought the one requested.”

My first thought that something really weird was going on.  And my second thought was that this would make a great story.  I wondered what would happen next.

A very tall woman wearing some hat that looked like a wizard’s hat, wrapped with veils, stood up and walked towards me.  She said, “I have a story to tell you about who you really are.”

“Darina who brought you here, has been guarding you all of your life, and has kept you out of trouble.  Now, we need you to understand.”

At this point, I thought things were quite surreal.  As The Lady, for that seemed to be her name, kept talking, I could not hold the thoughts.  The great horse, Darina, came over and nudged me, and I woke up.

Upon waking, I realized that since I was in that dreamy, hazy state, and now, that about five hours had passed.  And, I could not recall anything that the tall lady had said except the very beginning of the conversation.  The dream felt real.  I felt like I had been riding.  And, I was very tired.

When I am totally rested, I will call the horse and see if we can go back to this place.  I think it will be a great adventure!

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