Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Spirit Speaks - Always Take Some Time In Nature


When our soul grows weary with all that it is tasked to do, then is the time to walk in Nature.

It is in Nature that we find our rhythm with the Earth returning.  We align our heartbeat with the heartbeat of the Great Mother.  And we know all is well.

Think of this act as the act of the baby snuggling into the mother’s chest so that the baby can hear the heartbeat and know all is well!  This act reinforces the ONENESS between the mother and the child. 

As we grow older, we still need to be part of something.  We lose our way and feel alone.  We can change that feeling of aloneness by finding the place in Nature where we feel peaceful and free.  A place where Nature is in service to us and we are in service to her.


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