Thursday, 19 February 2015

Nature Speaks - On Satisfaction


It seems that often I see stories about people who are dissatisfied.  Being dis-satisfied means that one wants something that is not available to them.  It might be material goods, a job, a relationship, or even, abilities of some sort. 

My observation is that people that are not satisfied – and I am not talking about athletes who are striving for their best performance and therefore practice constantly – are looking for shortcuts.   The thing about life is that you have to live it. There are not any short cuts. 

Nature does not take any shortcuts in the growing cycle.  Healing only happens one way – with time.  Meditators only achieve oneness after hours and hours of meditation practice.  A herb only knows one way to be.  Life may be altered by prayer, and generally, the solution takes time.

The next time you feel dissatisfied, take a walk in Nature.  Life comes back into perspective.


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