Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Nature Speaks - The Task For Everyone


On Sunday, we took our dog in for his check up for his recent surgery.  We sat with a lovely lady and a very sick looking husky cross puppy.  As we asked what was wrong, we got quite the story.  We listened to this foster dog Mom from AARCS describe the horrors that had been bestowed on two hundred dogs including her puppy,  in the Milk River area.  When the dogs were rescued, they were malnourished, abused, and fur so matted that they could not wag their tails.  The rescuers could not even determine the sex of the animals until they had been shaved.  I listened to the story – it was much longer than my few sentences, and I cried. 

Of the two hundred dogs, many are still in foster care.  They are looking for help with covering food costs and medical bills.  If you wish to help these dogs out, please donate at http://aarcs.ca/donate/.  We did, and will again.  I won’t post something like this again.  It was just so unusual.


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