Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Spirit Animal - Grandmother Spider’s Words


I had this crazy dream about spiders and spider webs.  I was wandering in this big garden type forest.  I felt comfortable but was suspicious that something was not quite right about the place I was in.

I saw the word in a spider web – FAITH.  I was not sure if that was about faith in the dream or in my ability to see, or what it meant. 

I then walked further and saw the word – BEAUTY.  And, all around, there was beauty. 

I walked on and came to a small stream, flowers growing on the bank, the sound of birds, and I saw the word – BLESSING.  Yes, it truly was. 

I woke up feeling quite content.  I felt the peace that one gets walking in Nature, although I am pretty sure I did not leave my bed.  I felt that I had been gifted by the Goddess and Mother Nature with an extraordinary adventure.

It also made me think of that great book, Charlotte’s Web, and the fun that people have had over the years with that book and with the movie.

I was feeling pretty happy by the time I went to work.  I was mindful that Spider had come in as an animal guide, and was reminding me of things that I may take for granted.  I was reminded that Great Spirit is in everything. 

I am grateful.


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Anonymous said...

This is interesting and thanks for posting it. I have a little spider that spins a web in my window. I clean it every day, and by morning, I have a new web in a different place. There are not any words in it.. ha, ha, but it does seem like a communication of sorts. I enjoy seeing what my little spinner will do by morning.