Monday, 9 February 2015

Nature Speaks - On Enjoyment in Life


When we do not expect anything, then the unexpected is a beautiful surprise.  We are able to appreciate the very act of Nature that has made our surprise happen. 

When I walk out in the park, I hear the birds, the small animals, the sound of the river, and I smell the freshness and newness of everything!

Nature shows us that she is renewable if we humans do not get in the way.  I enjoy that about Mother Earth, her ability to say “This is what I can do! Leave it alone!” 

I think that Creator has given us the gift of mindfulness, should we choose to use it, so that we can feel the enjoyment or bliss of a walk in Nature.  Nature calms the soul because at that moment, we are in Oneness with creation.  Then we return to our lives, the business, and we feel the change – the shift in energy. And we go on.


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