Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Angels Speak - If You Judge People



How do you find it in your heart to have compassion for someone who has just spouted vile words at you, for no apparent reason?  How do you find compassion for the person who sits behind Anonymous and writes bullying words and makes threats?  Do we need to find compassion for them?

This was my question for my meditation.  I was finding it hard to understand why someone would want to yell at someone else for no reason.  Or, if you want to be really mean to someone, why not use your name?

I sat and waited for the knowing.  Nothing happened.  I waited some more.  Nothing happened. I waited and sank into a deeper state.  And I had the knowing that frustration and anger at life is a driving emotion that causes Anonymous to post the blogs or for someone you might not even know to shout out at you.

The interesting part of the meditation was that when this situation happens to you or touches you, the Universe (Spirit) is holding up a mirror that shows an aspect of you. 

I looked inside for peace.  I looked inside for healing.  I offered gratitude that I was not writing anonymous angry words or going around shouting at people. The Shaman in the legends talk about the angry, crazy person having some hidden wisdom in the meaningless rambling. 

I could not find any words of wisdom.  I did find compassion.  How horrible it must be to feel that much pain and to take it out on random people.  I offer blessings to them.


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