Sunday, 8 February 2015

Spirit Animal - Skunk Arrives



We were out walking in the park, my dog and I.

We were waiting for the Sun to peek over the trees.

Then we smelled the scent that makes you hurriedly look around because you may end up getting sprayed.

And there he was, looking cheesed right off.

The snow was not gone, and it was still cold and dry.

Yet he trudged on looking for a place he would not freeze.

And he ignored us as the Magpies and my dog ran and played.

Although nothing is ever black and white, it seemed so this morning.

First Magpies and then Mr. Skunk.

Perhaps it is that clear.

Skunk and Magpie show that the elemental colours are between black and white, and all the rainbow colours in between.

Perhaps, with the snow and the dark wood and the companions, Nature was saying that nothing is as it seems.

I buy that.


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