Friday, 13 February 2015

Nature Speaks - How Do You Laugh!


At lunch the other day, our team talked about how much we laughed together!  Laughing is a good thing!  It relaxes you. It releases happy gadgets in your body.  It helps you think clearer.  And, of course, we know laughter heals ailments. 

I came across this poster, and it made me laugh, because I believe it is true.  Nature spreads out flowers in dribbles, when she wants you to smile, and in blankets when she wants you to laugh.  Walking or hiking, on a mountain is a spiritual way to connect with everything. And on the hike, you will see Mother Nature has ‘planned’ where her flowers grow, no different than the way our mothers used to plan their flower beds.

There are stories, or legends, about how flowers could not grow in the Ocean, and the Ocean, too, wanted flowers.  So Mother Nature made different coral beds and luminescent algae and other small flowers to replicate the flowers on the land.  Sometimes, the combination of flowers, breeze, and birdsong is the most relaxing, healing music one can find.  In this clarity, it is easy to regain one’s faith in life.


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