Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Spirit Animal - Frog On A Journey

The other night, I had a vision just as I was dropping off to  sleep.  In that vision, I became Toad of Toad Hall, and I was setting off on a journey to see the world.  I had not travelled far when my car ran out of gas.  I got out and walked.  I walked until I ran out of road.  I then walked through the fields and trees until I came to what seemed to be the edge of the Earth.  I had no place to go, except up or down.

I took a deep breath, and stepped off the edge, and went up!  I felt like I walked on invisible stairs.  I reached the top, and I disappeared!  I waited for me to re-appear.  Nothing happened.  I went to sleep.

Over the past few days, I realized that my vision was a metaphor for the things that were happening around me and to me.   I laughed.

What does my dream tell you?



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