Friday, 12 October 2012

Spirit Animal - Small Moth

As I got ready for bed, two small moths, similar to the one above, came and danced around my head, and then settled on the wall.  When I left the bathroom, they followed me, and settled on my lampshade.

Moth, like butterfly, represents change.  Because Moth goes through four transformations, and butterfly only goes through three transformation, some believe that Moth indicates a bigger magnitude of change.

Some of the ideas to keep in mind if Moth pays you a visit are:

  • Moth’s preferred time of movement is the night.  Take a page from Moth’s book and plan activities for the late evening or night, especially if you are doing creative activities like writing.
  • Moth lays its wings flat to blend more easily.  This is a time of transformation for you so keeping a low profile is a great idea.  When you do not draw attention to yourself, then others will not try to interfere with your change.
  • Moth is attracted by light.  We all are.  Moth, however, is not always discriminating about the type of light that it flocks to.  Pay attention to the things that are calling to you now.  You are vulnerable, and not always thinking from a place of being grounded.  Some things that call to you are destructive.  Beware!




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