Saturday, 9 July 2016

Angels Speak–Up Hill and Down Hill



The Angels tell us that we often will choose the "easy" way to walk through life.  Perhaps you avoid walking up hill or you avoid stairs.  Do you choose a parking spot close to the door of the shop or shopping mall?  If you have an injury or illness, avoiding stress on your body makes sense.  If you are healthy, perhaps setting up little challenges for yourself is a healthy way of thinking.

The Angels say that we can build our confidence by setting destinations that challenge us.  As we build ourselves, we create an innate kindness for all living things, especially each other.  We improve others as we improve ourselves. 

From a health point of view, the easiest way not be the healthiest way.  By avoiding the physical goals, our lungs, heart, legs, and brain are not as fit as they should be as we move in to senior years.


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