Sunday, 3 July 2016

Angels Speak - Be Kind To Yourself–Step One


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In keeping with July's theme, "Being Kind To My Self", the poster shown here gives us a way to help our heart and our body. 

When we are kind to ourselves, we relieve the pressure of every day life.  Have you noticed how everyone wants their emails and messages answered instantly?  We humans do not work that way.  We are not about instant, although, more and more, we are changing. 

As our concentration is interrupted all the time by our electronics, we have lost our focus and have difficulty stay tuned in to what we are doing. Our phone beeps once for mail, plays a melody for a message, and sends out different signals for Facebook or for Twitter notifications.  In a three minute interval the other day, I received 62 notifications. 

Sometimes, we have to tune out our gadgets.  We know how, for we have tuned out things all of our lives.   Try it for an hour and see what you think.  You can set the timer on your phone.  (Grin)


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