Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Spirit Animal - Porcupine On Sticking To It



The apples are still green but getting bigger and juicier – just the way that Porcupine likes it.  Porcupine is up amongst the gardens and trees in our neighbourhood eating the raspberries and apples.  As she prepares for winter by packing on some pounds, she brings this message:

1. IF you find a good thing, stick to it.  Explore all the options and choose a few that please you.  Do not be dissuaded.

2. IF you meet with set backs, stop, and backup.  Find a way to go around the obstacle.  Choose a way that is easy and goes with the flow.  Getting upset or angry will not do.

3. IF you achieve your goal, then celebrate.  IT is the easiest way to relax.



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