Saturday, 29 August 2015

Buddha Speaks - A Dimension of Meditation


Moving forward with a change to your life style is a big commitment and this scares people.  They do not make the commitment. They do not change.  Some think that meditation is an hour or more chunk of time.  Really, you can meditate in five minutes, several times a day.  By a guided meditation CD.  Do little bits at a time. 

You can meditate while you are walking or running.  Play a meditation set of music when you run instead of listening to the radio or to other music. 

Download a podcast from iTunes – there are guided meditations and there are Buddhist talks.  The selection of things to listen to is simply amazing!

Try something new today.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Judy. Your blog describes what I am going through as I make a change in my life to become more spiritual. I thought my friends would be supportive. They are either giving me grief or moving away from me. I am stunned! Is this normal?

BTW -thanks for creating this blog. I love it!