Sunday, 9 August 2015

Nature Speaks - Save It


I love the intelligence of Nature.  She seems to be such a project manager!  She has put together animals to create ecosystems that man cannot seem to match.  My favourite story is how bringing wolves back into Yellowstone changed the rivers and the balance of wildlife.  You can watch that on Youtube at

It seems that man wants to pull things apart, similar to young children pulling all the toys out of the toy box.  The youngsters expect that “someone” – either Mom or Dad, will pick up the toys and reorganize the room.  Humans believe that “someone” will straighten up the mess from logging, mining, drilling for oil or gas, or from building roads and shopping centers. 

It seems that humans have a sense of entitlement, that others will be the swat team that cleans everything up.  The poster sums up the current belief – someone else will save the planet. 

What are you doing to help Mother Earth?


Special thanks to for the poster.

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