Saturday, 15 August 2015

Buddha Speaks



I recently received my TRICYCLE magazine.  I loved the article that I have noted below… The Light Is Always There… and thought I would share it with those who are drawn to it.


From the Tricycle Website and blog… 

The Light Is Always There

A Tibetan Bon practice for finding refuge within

Tenzin Wangyal July 30, 2015


Excerpt from the article….

There is a Tibetan joke about a yogi who leaves his hermitage to get supplies. Afraid of getting lost in a crowded marketplace, he ties a red ribbon around his leg. As long as the ribbon is there, he feels secure. But at one point he looks down and notices that the ribbon has fallen off. He frantically runs back and forth through the market, yelling, "I'm lost! I'm lost! Did anyone see me? I'm the one wearing the red ribbon around his leg."


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