Friday, 21 August 2015

Angels Speak - People In Your Life



Life will bring you people that you need to learn lessons with and sometimes, from them.  These are the people that have a short time span in your life.  Many of us, however, keep these people around for quite a long time.  We let guilt, or blame, or laziness, keep us from moving on.  And, we need to move on. 

Our Ancestors, The People, were not in the Nature of letting people stay in the tribe if they did not belong in the life.  We need to change out those that don’t fit, bring negativity, or try to hold us back.  We need to move.

Sometimes, it is family that is the problem.  They are more difficult to let go of.  You can, however, set boundaries and use the boundaries to distance from them.  Sometimes, you have to move. 

Who is in your life that should be gone?


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