Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Spirit Animals - Buffalo Kin


Buffalo is unique in its shape – a massive hump over its shoulders, and a very thick skull and mane that protects the head from attack.  The hind end is not so protected.  Therefore, as a defense stance, Buffalo will gather in a circle, with their heads out and their hindquarters in.  This allows them to protect themselves and each other. 

If you doubted that we, humans, are related to buffalo, then look at the idea of Buffalo gathering in a circle.  So have humans gathered over time.  Our Ancestors held the circle sacred, as does Buffalo.  In fact, Buffalo will put the young in the center of the circle to protect them as well.

Buffalo kin show us that we need to protect our young, while at the same time training them to survive on their own.  We do not know how to do this anymore, it seems.  Buffalo comes forward now to remind us that the strength of our children is dependent on the strength that we have to teach them what is needed.  We have to do better at teaching than we have in the past.

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