Saturday, 15 January 2011

Spirit Animal–Eagle in Sedona

Yesterday, Roger and I travelled to Sedona to spend a week in the vortex energies.  Our trip, flying by Air Canada, was filled with delays, starting with a four hour delay leaving Calgary because Air Canada had mechanical difficulties.  There were also delays with getting our car.  Instead of arriving in Sedona mid-afternoon, we arrived at 7:30pm.

Today, I was hiking beside Oak Creek, when I looked up and saw an Eagle sitting on the side of her nest watching the world.  I felt her contentment, and the message that she gave to me.


“There is no need for impatience or patience.  Simply be with what is.  Eagles simply wing their way to where ever they need to be.  We build our nests or homes, where ever we are called to do so.  We move with the pull of the land.  We feel the winds and the waves of heat or cold that are generated by the Earth.  These winds and waves give us motion that simply calls for us to coast on the push of the currents.  Be more in tune with the push and the pull of the energies of the Earth.  They are a blessing.  Plans are now things that will fade to allow you simply to be – to be in the now moment.  All is well.”     Check out   See my other blogs at and at .   

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