Sunday, 2 January 2011

Spirit Animal - Ermine


The Ermine or Stoat is native to the area between the 40th parallel (north) and the beginning of the Arctic Circle, which encompasses most of northern Eurasia and North America. ~ Wikipedia

Ermine tells us that living away from the hoards of people and up high (foothills or mountains) is the way to live for 2011.  She tells us that food is plentiful in these areas, if you know where to look.  Slowly, the supply of food that has been delivered across great distances will start to decrease.  Humans will need to look at making food from scratch and using more natural products – a very good move for the health of humans and the environment.

Ermine says that that knowing when to move and when to stay still are two very good skills to develop.  When one moves, it should be with cautious confidence.  One does not barge forward but stops and checks what is ahead.  If one is not sure of the terrain, then one moves around that particular terrain.  When one stays still, one hears and sees how the environment changes around them.  One becomes more observant.  Being observant means seeing with your eyes and your ears and body.   The January 2011 Magazine called “It Sounds Like…”  is now on our website   See my other blog at

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