Saturday, 8 January 2011

Spirit Animal–Buffalo Solidarity


Buffalo speaks…

“We say that the time of the Buffalo is coming once more.  Buffalo have kept the prairie savannahs healthy by the foraging and fertilizing that we do.  Buffalo has been the creator of much of the prairies and the sites that exist there.  “Buffalo grass, buffalo wallows, buffalo stones, buffalo shrubs, buffalo hallows, and buffalo haunt” are all phrases that come from the time the Buffalo shaped the vast spaces. 

Once, before white man, the best food in North America was the meat of Buffalo.  It is lean and nutritious.  Consuming the meat made Man more kin to the herd, and gave Man more reverence for life.  That changed with the introduction of cattle.  Wild cattle roamed the very southern plains, and, to us, a variation of antelope.

There is a time coming where the cattle will decline, and Buffalo will be needed for all that it can provide to you.  We are grateful to become part of the natural cycle again.”      The January 2011 Magazine called “It Sounds Like…”  is now on our website   See my other blogs at and at .   

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