Friday, 14 May 2010

Spirit Animal – Muskrat Blessings

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Muskrat lives in marshes, ponds, streams and rivers, and builds a lodge similar to a beaver lodge.  Unlike beavers, Muskrat is really a rodent that swims. Muskrat eats vegetation, mussels, crayfish, frogs and turtles. 

Muskrats are covered with short, thick fur which is medium to dark brown in color with the belly a bit lighter but as the age increases the "fur" turns a partly gray in color. The fur has two layers, which helps protect them from the cold water. They have long tails which are covered with scales rather than hair and are flattened vertically to aid them in swimming. When they walk on land the tail drags on the ground. ~ Wikipedia

So in this time of change, why is Muskrat showing up?  Muskrat comes to us to give us a blessing and to teach us lessons.  Muskrat’s blessing is one of survival.  It has learned to survive in some noxious water conditions.  She can also stay submerged for up to fifteen minutes without feeling the effects of carbon dioxide.  Muskrat says, “Breathing deeply allows us to saturate our blood with oxygen that supports us when oxygen is not available.  We wish you humans the gift of deep breath so that you expand your lung capacity and will be able to survive air that is not always clean.  Breathing deeply will soothe you, and help you digest your food better.  Find time each day to breath deeply.  Keep plants around you to cleanse the air and to provide you with life force.”

Often Muskrat shares the same habitat as a beaver.  However, these two furry river animals do not fight over food or territory.  Instead, they symbiotically work together to keep the water clean, flowing, and healthy.  Although muskrats may fight one another over territory, Muskrat shows us how to create a community where all creatures depending on the water environment may thrive. 


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Anonymous said...

I saw a muskrat swimming across a river, panting and in a hurry. Got to shore rested first and they scurried off. Amazing animal!

Michael Ludwig said...

Like beavers, muskrats are rodents that swim. Beavers are rodents. I love both and I saw a muskrat last night crossing the street in front of me in Shoreline, WA, 4 blocks up hill from the nearest pond. Good omen!

Judith Hirst said...

Thanks for posting this story, Michael. You are in for some interesting times! Blessings, Judith

Anonymous said...

I saw a muskrat cross the trail I was walking on yesterday (in central Iowa). I came here to see what it might mean. On same walk I saw a blue heron land on a river's edge and just stand there!

Anonymous said...

I found part of a muskrat bone jaw today walking of trail in the woods. I knew I was gonna find something. I stopped to admire the trees and when I looked down right in front of me was the bone. So cool. Had to look up what it meant. Thanks for this. It syncs up with my life perfectly. We are about to move. Looking for my beaver! Lol