Thursday, 27 May 2010

Spirit Animal – Jack Rabbit’s Routine

We have several big jack rabbits that live around our cove and the several streets around us.  The Rabbits like it in suburbia because they feel much safer from the coyotes who live in the park, several streets over. One big rabbit that we call “Buck”, feels that his life is just too boring. So, he comes and sits on the edge of our driveway once or twice a week, just waiting for my dogs to come out of the garage, as we start out on our daily walk.  Buck waits until he’s noticed, and then he bounds away, looking behind to ensure that Magic and Sage are following.  The other day, I yelled, “Stop!” at the dogs, and all three animals froze.  The dogs came back and so did Buck – at least he started to, before he veered off under a bush.


Yesterday, Buck came almost to the end of the driveway, and watched, sadly it seemed, as the dogs climbed into the van with me. We were leaving Buck behind.  I watched him contemplate what to do, and then he turned and dashed up onto a lawn and began to nibble grass.  He looked at me as we drove past him, and Rabbit seemed to wink at me.  I had the following visions as we drove away.

  • When we plan or expect something, we are not allowing for Nature to take its course.  We need to allow to get more out of life.
  • Playing is healing, for all of us.  Most animals play within their species.  It is the out of species play that has more magic in it, and that allows for an understanding of the Oneness that exists for all things.
  • Life is what we make of it.  A lost chance to play turns into a great opportunity to eat new grass, undisturbed by dogs and people (because they are leaving).
  • Rabbits see a smorgasbord table as they look at the yards in the neighbourhood.  Acceptance of abundance comes naturally to Rabbit.  The lesson is for humans to see that as well. 

As the dogs and I walked and played with our friends, I realized that Buck the Rabbit had a pretty good life.  And, that his good life stemmed from our good life.  The best lesson from Rabbit and his routine of waiting for the dogs was that he showed me that I have much to be grateful for.  And I am, grateful, for my life and for having a Jack Rabbit live not too far away.  Watch for our FREE June magazine at

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