Friday, 18 December 2009

From Judy – Passion In All Things



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The main concern that my clients have in their lives is “how do I stay in balance?”  This is a valid concern for most people because of the hectic pace of work and how much work time moves in to our personal/family time.  As a former consultant for Microsoft, I can tell you that when I travelled, my family time was limited to weekends, and the phone calls home.  That is definitely not balance! 

What I have learned, however, is that if what I am doing is my passion, then the life force that the passion provides my mind and my body helps to keep me in balance because I am excited and joyful about life.  In that excitement, I share with my family and friends. I take time to rejuvenate. I separate work, home, and “me” time.

If you are feeling drained and out of balance, perhaps you need to identify what your passion is?  Are you living it? Does passion show up in your life currently as rage or seething anger?  Do you yell at your employees and your family? 

Take a deep breath!  If someone is pushing your buttons, remember that you installed the buttons – they did not.   Winter solstice is Dec 21st.  See the info on our Winter solstice celebration below…

Sunday, December 20th  3:00 – 8:00pm  

Picture of winter by S. Roger Joyeux


This is the Winter Solstice celebration that honours the long night, and welcomes the Mother Goddess to give birth to her child, the SUN. We set our intentions for Winter Solstice is a magical season . . . one that marks the journey from this year to the next, journeys of the spirit from one world to the next, and the magic of birth, death, and rebirth.  We ask to shed that which no longer serves us, set our vision of what we desire for the next year, and take the winter to dream it into being.  Join us for ceremony, including initiation into the Order of Melchezedek ( Archangel of sacred geometry).  After the ceremony, we will have a potluck dinner and lots of time to visit with our friends.  Note that if the weather is cold or windy, the celebration will be indoors.

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