Friday, 4 December 2009

Ancestors Speak – Lord of the Cold

Santa Claus meets Chyskhaan, Lord of the Cold, in the village of Tomtor in the remote Sakhar region of Russia  Picture: WENN


I was quite intrigued by this picture of a modern day representation of Chyskhaan, also known as Lord of the Frost or Lord of the Cold.  I could not find any detailed information on him.  So, I decided to ask my guides for some help.  Here is what they said….

The Lord of Cold has always existed!  His responsibility is to keep the cold confined to specific latitudes, to specific heights, and to specific land masses.  He keeps the Arctic and the Antarctic pristine with cold and snow.  At Yule, the longest night and shortest day, people in the north gathered at shrines built in his name, and offered gifts to him to take away the cold and to allow the sun to return.  The gifts were left at the shrine.  Chyskhaan would gather up the gifts and redistribute them to those that were in need, keeping for himself what he needed to honour the magic he would work over the next several months.  His magic would chase away the night and bring forth the sun.  At the same time, he controlled how quickly the ice and snow would melt in order to avoid flooding out the villages and people that depended on him.  He also buried sacred places beneath the snow so that they would be undetected by those that would seek to use the knowledge for personal goals and for power.  As the people in the world are becoming more enlightened, he is relaxing his hold on the cold to allow discovery of new information at the appropriate time. 

I find this rather a fascinating legend because it seems quite a contrast to the UN’s statements that global warming is causing the problems of melting ice caps.  

NEW MOON MEDITATION  clip_image002

Starry Night - No Moon

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009, from 7:30-9:00pm

Location: 331 Deercroft Place SE
Fee: $10.00  Please pre-register with Judy at 403-225-2016 or

The Winter Solstice is a week away and this meditation will focus on clearing and releasing energies that may block the angelic harmonies and feminine energies that are being sprinkled on the Earth at this time. Great Spirit (God) will be our guide for this evening.

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