Thursday, 23 July 2009

Spirit Animal – The Toucan


Photo by Thiago Filadelpho from the article headlined below.


CBC featured a story on the Toucan on July 23 2009 called “Toucans' huge beaks make them cooler — literally” and you can find it at

The picture caused to me to think about why this bird looked so familiar. Then I remembered that, as a child, our family would visit my Grandmother in her nursing home.  The nursing home had a set of bird cages at the end of each hall.  There was a Toucan In the cage at the end of the hall, close to my grandmother’s room.  My brothers and I chatted with Toucan each time we visited. 

It was interesting to me, that Toucan was showing up again in my life after thirty plus years of silence.  Toucans are only found in Central and South America. They have red, yellow, blue, black or orange plumage, often in vivid patterns. Toucans have short bodies and legs, and their wings are shorter in comparison to other birds since Toucan does not fly very far.  She eats mostly fruit, and will eat some insects and small lizards if they are in range of her very large beak.  The noise that she makes is somewhat like the croak of a frog. South Americans have many different tales about Toucan, however, the story that resonates with me is the Toucan can be a tribal totem and the medicine man can use it as an incarnation to fly to the spirit world.  The story implies that Toucan is very smart, and very much part of the spirit world.

Toucan may bring several different messages.  They are:

  • Are you eating enough fresh fruit in your diet? Fruit is critical in maintaining high levels of Vitamin C that helps the immune system fight viruses.  Toucan eats mostly fruit and has few diseases that it needs to fight.
  • It is now time for you to begin crossing into the spirit world to talk to and to understand what is happening beyond this physical, third dimension.
  • Take time, now, to clean and align your chakras.  Toucan’s colors cross over all the colours of the chakras and she takes care of her coloured feathers with zeal.
  • Are you taking enough time to care for yourself?  Or, are you spreading yourself too thin? Are you trying to do to much and to go to many places that do not add benefit to your life?  Toucan stays close to home, flies only short distances, and stakes a territory.
  • Do people need to hear what you have to say?  Toucan has a rough voice that carries for up to half a mile! Everyone hears her.

Spend time contemplating the picture of Toucan, and meditating with her.  She may bring you wonderful messages of inspiration.    See for info on the book and to link to get your ebook copy of the book to carry on Mobipocket.


michael said...

I learn a lot about Toucans by reading your blog post. Toucans are really fantastic creatures.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post

I took a lot from this many blessings to you Judith.