Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Ancestors Speak – July 1

image     July 1 calendar picture by Judith Hirst-Joyeux


Our Ancestors had stories and ceremonies for every month of the year.  July rolls around and people talk about how Julius Caesar created the Western world calendar in about 45 B.C.  July is named after him.  

The patron Goddess of July is the Goddess, Athena.  She has many aspects – Warrior goddess, goddess of wisdom, goddess of goodness, goddess of common sense.  Most of us know her as a Greek goddess, however, she has roots in African and Celtic belief systems.

Some of the things to know about July from an ancestral belief system are:

  • the gemstone for July is a ruby
  • July is about prospering, enjoying and attuning with nature
  • in Europe, sometimes called the month of the barley harvest
  • days grow shorter as a sign of reversal
  • the strongest healing properties in July are prevention and protection
  • the tree of July is the oak tree

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