Friday, 31 July 2009

Spirit Animal – Pronghorn Antelope


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This past weekend, as we drove north, I expected to see several small herds of Antelope because this has been my experience in the past.  Yet, we did not see one.  Then I discovered why there were not any antelope present.  It seems that they were all further south.  As the drought went through central and southern Alberta, Antelope moved south to find food because the drought killed much of the grass and small shrubs that Antelope feeds from.  Antelope will be moving back to its ranges in Central Alberta because there has now been an abundance of rain, and there is lots of grass and water available.

Antelope generally hides as part of its effort to escape predators which includes hunters.  Part of the reason for its colouring is so that it blends into the drier environments.  It does not shed its horns, so is more bovine in that respect than deer-like.  The horns are about having a strong sense of the Earth, and being connected to the Earth and the Heavens by these antennae which appear on the crown chakra and which have roots to the brow chakra.  As their sixth sense sight is so great, Antelope has correspondingly acute vision.  Research shows that Antelope may see seven to eight times better than humans, and the placement of their eyes gives them very wide peripheral vision.  They see trouble coming many miles away.  

Pronghorn Antelope’s message may have different aspects.  Perhaps it is about coming in to your true vision – if you notice the horns more than anything.  Antelope may be warning of pending danger in one’s life – especially if you notice the whiteness of its flicking tail.  The danger may be in business, in one’s personal life, or in one’s spiritual quest.  She tells you to trust your sense of sight and sense of smell.  If it doesn’t look right or smell right, then it isn’t right. If Antelope gives you a display of her speed and agility, then she is telling you that you will soon need to be thinking fast and furiously about some challenge that will be thrown at you, and that the outcome will depend on your brain power.   Our August newsletter is now available at

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