Saturday, 4 July 2009

Spirit Animal – Cricket


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When I think of crickets, I always think of Jiminy Cricket who befriended Pinocchio in one of Walt Disney’s early movies.  The Cricket acted as Pinocchio’s conscience and guide because Pinocchio was not a real boy.

When Cricket comes to you, know that it too is behaving like a guide, and in some cases, a conscience.  The Chinese believe that if a Cricket comes to sing for you, then you are blessed with luck and abundance.  There is also an old European belief that Cricket’s song keeps away evil spirits. One myth links Cricket to the Moon, as the Moon Goddess’s servant.  Another myth says that if Cricket is singing in your house, it must not be evicted because it will bring prosperity.


Field cricket – picture from 


Cricket lives mostly in the country because it love to eat organic plant material. If it is tasty enough, Cricket will also eat decaying plant matter.  Healthy food is difficult to find in the cities for Cricket.  Mostly, Cricket lives along roadsides, pastures, and in meadows.  Some may be found under rocks and logs.   In various countries, there are tree crickets, ground crickets, mole crickets, bush crickets, ant crickets, and sword-tail crickets. 

Only the male Cricket can sing.  The females are silent, and move through the world at night, almost invisibly, supporting the idea that they are the messengers of the Goddess.  Cricket has very strong hind legs for jumping.  This allows them to move quickly over a large distance, relative to their size. 

Some of the teachings that Cricket brings, that may resonate for you if Cricket has sought you out, are:

  • Find a  way to jump over any difficult blocks in your life since we do not need to experience every set back
  • If Cricket chirps for several songs, and then becomes quiet, he is telling you that a big storm (problem) is coming to your life.  Watch for a physical upheaval, or an emotional upset, or even a spiritual shake up.
  • Cricket is associated with intuition.  If you have been getting gut feelings, or “knowings” and if you have ignored them, Cricket is telling you to pay attention – you are being given guidance.   See the July newsletter at – read the great story about hummingbird contributed by one of our blog readers.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the knowledge the Cricket is.... I am now listening to the Cricket as we connect. My Angels and Ancestors are here NOW!

Anonymous said...

I have a cricket story. There once was an angel who decided to live a mortal life on earth to deliver a message from God. He walked the earth searching for someone to give this divine message to; someone who would listen and pass the message on to others. He walked East. He walked West. He walked North. He walked South. The day came when he realized at the age of 88 that his health was failing and he would soon pass from his mortal life. He was sad because he had failed in his mission. He could not find a soul who would listen. As he sat beneath a shade tree and waited for death to visit him, a cricket jump up and perched upon his knee. When the angel gazed upon the cricket he wondered if the cricket might listen to the message he had carried for so long. The cricket said to the angel "If you give me the message, I promise to sing your message to others. I will pass it on to my children and they will pass it on to theirs. The message will live on forever" At last the angel had found what he was looking for. The cricket kept his promise to the angel. There isn't a person on earth who has never heard the beautiful song of the cricket. If you listen with your heart you to can hear the angels message.

Judith said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story! I love stories about Angels and Animals! Have a wonderful week!