Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Ancestors Speak – Full Moon


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The moving Moon went up the sky

   And no where did abide:

Softly she was going up

   And a star or two beside.  ---- From “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” by Coleridge

This is the night of the full moon as well as a lunar eclipse.  It is a powerful Moon Time. 

Our Ancestors used times like tonight to work on creativity and completion.  For example, they would gather as a group under the Moon to ask the Goddess that was powering the Moon at that time to help them finish a project, dream, or wish.  The celebration might be by dancing and throwing offerings to a fire, or it might be by sitting in silent prayer or meditation. 

When our Ancestors worked with the Moon, they  believed they were working magic by uniting themselves with a force of Nature that seemed to control the tides of the seas, and caused the vegetation and trees to be most healthy.  Many rituals and spells were completed by the light of the full moon.

If you have project that needs completion, sit outside in meditation or prayer tonight, and ask Great Spirit or Goddess or God to assist the the completion.  Don’t try to control the outcome by stating exactly how it should happen; simply ask for what you need, and let the Universe deliver.

If you have crystals, you may want to set them outside tonight to soak up the moonlight and to be cleansed by the energy of the full moon eclipse.

Happy Full Moon!

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