Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Spirit Animal - Blue Jay


"Blue Jay watching for it's next meal"  - picture from Wikipedia

The Blue Jay wears the many colours of Father Sky.  Although, Blue Jay is native to most of North America, one may go years without seeing Blue Jay, almost the way we see old friends from time to time.  Even though we do not talk every week, we have no doubt that should we need them, they will always answer our call.So, if you are starting to see Blue Jay, he is answering your call. 

You may say, "I have not called on Blue Jay".  However, you may have asked God or Great Spirit to show you what is next in your life, what is holding you back, or what your next step is.  Blue Jay wears the colour blue and the little blue crest (cap) as part of his messenger duties from Great Spirit.  Blue Jays do not have naturally blue feathers.  Rather, their blue colouring is from light refraction on their feathers.  When Blue Jay feathers are removed from the bird, they turn darkish as the light refraction no longer works. 

Our Ancestors have passed down stories that say this colouring was a gift from the Gods because of the impossible tasks Blue Jay was given to do.  One of the traits associated with Blue Jay is the "Trickster" aspect of his behaviour.  Blue Jay steals - eggs and other things - destroys nests or other things, plays jokes and shape shifts.  All of these characteristics have caused the other birds and animals to shun Blue Jay.  Many humans shun him because of his harsh, noisy call, and his habit of making a mess of bird food or other things.  Yet, by these actions,  Blue Jay plays an important role in teaching everyone to take better care of what they have, to value home and family, to be discerning about what they believe, and to keep their sense of humour.

Blue Jay comes to you as a teacher.  He uses noise to distract.  Are you easily distracted by noise or commotion?  Now is the time to work at being more disciplined.  He shows you how easy it is to take away another's power.  Yet, shunned and mostly alone, Blue Jay walks his talk (integrity) and stands in his power.  Blue is the colour associated with the throat chakra - the chakra of truth.  Regardless of how one views Blue Jay's voice, he teaches us that when we have something to say, it does not matter how harsh it sounds if it is the truth.  Being able to stand alone and say what needs to be said is Blue Jay's lesson in leadership. 

Blue Jay comes to tell you that it is time to step into your truth, and find the resources within to acknowledge that people (governments, corporations, family, employers) have been taking advantage of you - whittling away at your nest (income and home) and that now is the time to make changes.  Just as Blue Jay shifts shape from bird to human, he tells you that you may shift to be anyone you wish to be.  The power is within you.  Blue Jay recognizes talent, and he says that you, too, have talent.  Recognize that it needs nurturing and developing, and that along with Blue Jay as a teacher, you will need to find other teachers of strength and integrity to help you cultivate the innate skills that are within you.

If Blue Jay is working with you, now is a good time to remember how connected everything is.  Blue Jay represents the blue of the skies and the oceans and the point on the horizon where they become one.  Just as the wave cannot exist on its own, Blue Jay's feathers do not exist without the nurturing life support of Jay's body.  He reminds you that your light cannot shine without nurturing the body and the soul, and that now is a good time to get started on your journey to live harmoniously with the Earth.

May you have nothing but blue skies!



Rebecca said...

thank you for the article. Last summer I was gifted a large bundle of the Blue Jay's feathers in my back yard. I knew they were special:o)
this winter I had a OBO vision quest (unexpectedly) .. and I saw myself holding a twirled tree branch staff with the blue jay feathers hanging .. and using in it a healing ceremony/session. ... to my thought "Oh my goodness .. people already look at me strange (practicing shamanism in the south -NC) ... but 3 days later I meet a guy that I told of my vision ... 1st time meeting this person, mind you ... and he was in shock ... "I hAVE THAT STAFF!" ... so ... long story short .. I have this identical staff from him .. same as my vision ... and I have so many healers that look upon this staff as supreme magic. .... I am in the process now of putting the feathers on it.... trust me when I say ... Blue Jay medicine is me :o)

check my site later on ... I will post a picture of the staff.


Anonymous said...

thank you for this! as a little girl i lived in the country, in texas. my grandmother and i would watch and keep track of what birds would come into the yard. the blue jays were beautiful. on day while standing on the back porch a blue jay landed right beside me. i got so excited and called for my grandmother. she brought me out bread and the bird ate right out of my hand!!!! my grandmother told me that i was special because of this. they are not to fond of humans... this article also makes me smile because my grandmothers name was also judith... i feel the link!

Judith said...

I am so happy that you shared your story with me! I love the synchronicity of the name "Judith". Blue Jays are very peculiar about who they hang out with. However, when they form a bond, they are not at all shy! We have two blue jays that have been in our yard since 2003. They are almost friendly, and they do talk a lot. This spring has been quite cold and we have had lots of snow. I normally keep our bird feeders topped up with different seeds and suet. However, because I had a cold and flu, the feeders had not been topped up for a week. Our friend, Jay, hopped up to our front window and screeched, and tried to get my attention. I ignored him. He then hopped up on the roof, where it hangs down close to where I was sitting, and began "talking at me". I knew he was asking for food. I did get my husband to put some out. Two days later, when I was outside in the yard, Jay flew over me as though in thanks.

Anonymous said...

my son Jesse passed away in an accident on the night of sept 5, 2009. He was only twenty two years old. We were so very close. After the winter that same year in spring, I was cleaning up his gravesite and heard what I thought was a kitten crying. I looked up and there was a baby bluejay on the ground on our plot. Family plot. I tried to find a way to get it back to its nest and couldnt. I brought it home and to work with me everyday. It grew healthy and we were very bonded with each other. My son had a mohawk and sideburns and beard along his jawline and around his chin and it looked so very much like my sons. I smoked and so did my son and baby blue (I named her/him would grab my cigarettes out of my pack and take off with them as if she was frantically going to not let it go. I would have to pull it out of her beak and would have a fight on my hands, lol. My son also allways would play with lighters when he got older. Hed tease me because I always said thats dangerous and he would just laugh. Baby blue would allways peck on and play with my lighters. She would sleep on the heart that was a heart of flowers from my sons funeral that I kept by all his personal items and the chair he passed away in. She would sometimes sleep on my shoulder or behind my head on my shoulders. She always was on my shoulder during the day. I would leave her out during the day when she got older and let her fly in the trees. Eventually she started staying out everyday. She would allways come and look at me or land on my shoulder just to make sure I was there. She came in every evening to sleep and knew when I put my makeup on in the bathroom and would be in there waiting for me before that time came. She loved to play with my makeup pencils and play with the toilet paper to try to hide it for later nest making. Would sit on my shoulder and watch me put my makeup on. She loved to ride in the car on my arm or steering wheel to work and back every morning untill I would keep her at home and outside in the last couple months. I love her/him so very much. Would give me kisses with her beak and hide food in my hair or shirt all the time. On the aniversary of my sons death in the evening, she never came back. There are 5 other bluejays that she/he got to know and hung out with and they all came by and one would respond to my call but just sat in the tree in front of me but as if he/she knew me but yet didnt. She allways ate her live mealworms every morning on my shoulders and live crickets. I would whistle and a bluejay kept whisling back to me but didnt come to me. I dont know whats going on. Ive allways known that jesse sent me this baby to help me. I get out of my deppression when I help another. But its been days since the aniversary of my sons death at around midnight and I havent had baby blue come to me or inside our home once. Im not sure even if the bluejay that I see is her because it acts as if it knows me but has reverted full circle to a wild bird in one days time. Could my son have taken on the body of a bluejay?

Judith said...

Anonymous - thank you for sharing this beautiful story of the baby blue jay! You were indeed blessed! To answer your question, could your son have taken the body of a blue jay. Yes, he could have, however, it is unlikely that he did. More likely, part of his agreement for leaving the planet was to make sure that you had some company. The baby blue jay was a good way to show you the cycle of life - having young ones, and letting them go. The baby blue jay flew off because she knew that this was the right or natural thing for her to do. She will not forget you, and may come to visit in the future. The gift that she is giving you now is the lesson of releasing attachment. And, that is a glorious gift.
-Namaste, Judy

Anonymous said...

When I was 12 or 13 years old, a blue jay landed on the top railing of a swing set in my backyard while I was sitting on one of the swings. I watched it for a while and, when I was sure that it wouldn't fly away, I went inside to get bread. I slowly approached it, offering pieces of bread, until it was finally eating out of my hand. After that, I went outside once a day to feed it and eventually it grew comfortable enough with me to sit on my head or on my arm while I fed and petted it, and it would come when I called for it.

After a couple of weeks, though, I stopped going out to see it, even when I saw it waiting for me on the swing set railing, and eventually it stopped coming by. I never saw it again. Part of the reason I stopped meeting it was because I was afraid that it would learn to depend on me for food or trust other, untrustworthy people as much as it trusted me (it started sitting on my grandpa's head, too, after a while), but another part of me just took its friendship for granted. I've always been ashamed of that and it's been one of my deepest regrets. It still haunts me after ten years.

I live in a new city and state now and haven't seen a blue jay again in all this time--until this morning. I was in my backyard with my dog and saw a flash of blue. I followed the flash and saw a blue jay sitting on a low tree branch about 50 ft. from where I stood. It flew off a moment later. I was struck by its sudden presence after all this time, so I went outside again this afternoon and waited to see if it would make another appearance. After about 30 min., it flew past and landed on a branch high above me. It cawed several times and I cawed back once, like I'd done with the other bird when I was younger. This new bird gazed down at me and there was this quiet moment of recognition. Then a cardinal landed on the same branch and the jay flew away. It might sound silly, but it really felt like a moment of redemption. At the same time, though, all of my guilt from abandoning the other bird has resurfaced. Is this a sign that I've been forgiven, and that I need to forgive myself?

I was very much a nature child when I was younger; I'd spend hours in the woods behind my family's house and really felt a bond with the trees and animals. As I grew older, though, I kind of lost that connection. But I've been trying to reconnect with nature lately and it seems significant that the blue jay appeared to me now, at this point in my life. I feel that there's some kind of connection, but I'm not sure what it is. I guess I'll figure it out eventually. Just felt like sharing. :)

Judith said...

What a wonderful experience! Thank you for sharing this with all of us. Your journey with Spirit sounds like it is well underway.

Love and light, Judy

Savvy said...

There are some very nice stories & information about Blue Jays on this page (thank you for that)! Recently I've been searching for my totem animal/animal spirit guide. One day, while walking my usual path to work, I found a Blue Jay feather. The odd thing was, the wind was so gusty that it made no sense that the feather was just flapping in place on the ground. I picked it up, said thank you for the gift. I've kept it on my altar ever sense. Almost every morning sense then, I've seen a Blue Jay outside my windows or he'll fly by me. I'm pretty certain that he is my totem animal, for now♥ I appreciate your information about the message he's trying to send me :)
~Brightest Blessings to you Judith~
p.s. Do you have any suggestions for offerings I could leave the Blue Jay?

Judith said...

Savvy - thanks for you comments. Blue Jays love food, a lot! Leaving them treats of peanuts, or suet and nuts is a blessing for them. Love and light, Judy

Savvy said...

Thank you very much Judith! I will certainly leave him some goodies near his usual spot :] Take care hun!

Bonnie said...

I really enjoyed reading about the blue jay. I pulled the blue jay card for myself a few days ago, so I was looking up the meaning and that's how I found your site. Thank you for this information. I just remembered - I found a blue feather a couple of weeks ago! Love and light to you, Judy!

Judy said...

Many blessings, Bonnie. Thank you for contributing to this blog with such light!
Love, light, and laughter, Judy

Anonymous said...

I know I am a little bit late replying to this, but I have been seeing two blue jays outside my window at work. They stay in the tree(s) for a long time and follow each other around. I talk to them (in my head) and I ask them what message they have for me, I also make a wish. I have a feeling it could be my two dear aunts that passed away in the 90's telling me to move forward with my life or "let my light shine"...possibly?

Anonymous said...

That was the most perfect thing ive ever read. I kept seeng blue jay symbols everywhere and i remembered how I loved them so much as a young kid. Your explanation of who blue jay is perfectly fit what im going through in life. Thank you so so so much :) so encouraging and uplifting!!

Anonymous said...

I saw a blue jay on my wood fence one morning. my grandmother was dying and passed the following day and I felt peace and so much joy when I saw the blue jay. I had never seen one in my life ever I live in san antonio, texas. I've seen many red cardinals all the time but never a blue jay so I felt blessed even thou I was going through hard times as I had lost my job also. I have depressive disorder that caused me to go on medical leave for too long then I was finally terminated and unemployed. making the depression worse and harder to even find a new job.. yet I prayed even more now. I wasn't sure if my prayers were ever going be answered, there were times I choose not to pray I felt anger but for a short while. I had been applying for many jobs interviewed and reject alot but I did not give up. recently I sat outside while I talked to my mother on the phone, I had previously mentioned the bird appearance to my mom and when I am talking to her on the phone the blue jay shows up again. he flew next to the house and then on the grass and then he flew back up on a pecan tree I have on the backyard. he made his presence known. I told mom about it again and she asked if that was him singing she could hear it but I wasn't sure. and again felt over came with this joy I can not explain. his presence felt special I was happy I got to see it again. I don't know what his connection is to me but its nice and I knew and felt that good things where to come.. that's the message I kept receiving every time. I got a job offer soon after, my first day is on Monday I feel happy and blessed, as I have been unemployed for a year and 2 months now, living off ui benefits. I am thankful that God is there even when I thought he wasn't. now I know God makes his presence known even through his messengers. I'm glad I found this article I knew Blue Jays were special they had to mean something just by my experience alone, but I couldn't really explain it. thanks..I feel lucky.

Danielle Yates said...

hi, to start, for as long as I can remember my great grandmother was very fund of birds, she gave me her bird collection before she died in 1997, I have been in the company of a couple of blue jays in my back yard for over four month as I am intentionally finding my spiritual journey, today I saw 6 bluejays at one time, I watch them as long as I could, calling on the tree tops, it was beautiful, and I know it was ment for me to see, judith, what does it mean to see so many at one time, where do I start?

Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting article,
But I was also wondering what a Blue Jay feather would mean if one was found on a loved ones grave?
I was visiting my great grandpaw this evening and noticed a feather right where he was buried.
If you could please help me, that would be great.
Thank you.

Jodi said...

I too am a person who was blessed to see six blue jays today, never in my lifetime have I seen this many at one time.

I am a very spiritual person and had just recently seen one (a blue jay,) who came to the rose bush right in front of my open, screened window in my bedroom. I felt it was a special message and so I searched the internet to help me better understand the message the blue jay was trying to share with me. I was so intrigued by the message I got, I knew that seeing six was something very important. I googled for guidance and happened across this site. :)

The oddest thing is that they got my attention by way of rhythmic sound. I had left my bedroom and heard a tapping sound that appeared to be coming from down the hall. I walked down there thinking something heavy was out of sync with other clothes in the dryer. As I approached I realized that in fact, the machine was not even on. I then came up with the idea that my dogs were playing with some odd item in the backyard. I pookedd my head out an open window in the hall and peered towards the back, it was then that my dogs came down the hall. Okay...so it wasn't the dogs.

I looked out the window one more time and thought I might see what was going on. That is when I closed my eyes and really focus on the source of the tapping. My sight went towards my neighbors roof and there was a group of blue jays!!! I immediatley began to count them and there was five. Just as I was finishing counting the last one landed and completed the count.

I watched them for about 15 minutes. Someof them looked me right in the eye. A noise disturbed them and they all jumped into the trees. I know there were at least two more in the trees.

Judy, can you please give a little insight towards this message for myself and the other person who had a similar experience?

Thank you so much for your time and creating this beautiful forum.


Jodi H.

Judith Hirst said...

Hi Jody, and thanks for sharing your story. One of the significant facts about Blue Jays in spirituality is the belief that some shaman can shift into different animals and that a powerful shifter can shift into a blue jay. For some tribal belief systems a blue jay is a shaman - the spiritual leader of the tribe, the healer, the seer of the future, and the holder of all knowledge. It is common across the world for belief systems to recognize that the color blue is about truth. So blue jays and turquoise are often considered to bring truth. Six blue jays is powerful. The number six is significant. See this information from http://numerology-thenumbersandtheirmeanings.blogspot.ca/2011/05/number-6.html

The number 6 is the 'Mother' number and is essentially a working, building number. It symbolizes responsibility and service which needs to be achieved through love, nurturing and protection. There is an innate desire within the 6 individual to bring harmony, peace, justice and truth to all experiences in life. 6 thrives on beauty and needs to be comfortable in all areas of their lives – emotionally, spiritually and physically.

It seems that you are being called to a purpose. You will know what it is. Many blessings and loving kindness, Judy

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Morning to all! Judith, I happened upon your site while researching the symbolism of six blue jays and cardinals. Two days ago, I opened our back door to see six blue jays flying from our tree. The very next day I opened the back door to six cardinals flying from the same tree. Could you please share the significance of these two occurrences with me? I am very curious:)
Best Regards,

Judith Hirst said...

Dear Anonymous - thank you for sharing about your experience with blue jays and cardinals. Six is about working on something, a project or task that you need to do. Because of the color blue of the blue jay and the red of the cardinal, it seems that it is something that you must speak or write about, from your heart. Many blessings, Judy

Anonymous said...

Hello Judy, my name is Angel. I was in my backyard with my husband and I look up and sent a beautiful Blue jay and instantly ask my husband to look at the beautiful Blue jay as well. It flew to a tree right over me and then flew on the top of our roof. As I was saying how that was beautiful to see, what I thought was the same bird coming back to the same tree talking another blue jay landed besided the other blue jay and then they both flew away. I just was thankful that God allow me to see something so beautiful, especially with husband and then I read your article. Which was a confirmation from God that going back to school was one Gods plans for me. What do you think?

Judith Hirst said...

Thanks, Angel, for sharing your story about the Blue Jays. Since Blue Jays represent truth - they are very honest - then I believe they are telling you to follow your truth.
Blessings, Judy

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy. My beautiful kitty just died, she was 18+ years old. She taught me many lessons, and whenever I let something get to me which caused me to vocalize out loud my anger to myself, she would always let me know that upset her. I learned to not allow anger to get to me because of her. I would always thank her and tell her she saved me. she made an assortment of noises, one sound which sounded like a little screech. I called her 'screecher creature' when she did this. I buried her in a spot that she spent countless hours looking at from her favorite window, and today I was grieving and decided to look at her grave. There was a blue jay sitting on top of her grave. There were also 3 more blue jays in another part of the yard. I immediately started to wonder if this meant anything, as I don't normally see blue jays. I found your blog, and some other places which described blue jays. One of the interesting characteristics of blue jays is that they screech. I would like to think my kitty is telling me that she and I are still connected. Thanks for having this site. Regards, Steve.

Judith Hirst said...

I am sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing this lovely story about your four footed friend! I do think you are still connected.


Anonymous said...

Hi Judy,

I was leaving my son's school yesterday and heard quite a bit of noise from a tree/bush near where I parked. I thought it was squirrels, but it turned out to be several blue jays. They were the largest blue jays I've ever seen! I was almost close enough to touch the bush, but didn't want to disturb them. They were already agitated it seemed, chattering and bustling about the bush.
I knew there had to be a reason but didn't know what. I had an argument with my son before I left the school so I was glad for the distraction. And I was hoping it was a positive sign.

I found this site trying to find a meaning, since I firmly believe there is meaning in all things - you are wonderful for explaining! Thank you!

Anonymous said...


Hello- My mother and I were looking outside our window this afternoon and saw 10-15 blue jays feeding out our bird feeder. Obviously they were hungry but we have lived in our home for almost 20 years and have never seen anything like that. Have any idea what they were all doing together?


Coco Chanel said...

Thank you for your wisdom on BLUE JAY BIRDS. I had been going through some hard times with my husband and one this morning we woke up and the first thing my husband said was what the hell are you looking at. Keep in mind I had been praying for guidance in our marriage. He rushed outside to have a smoke and I go outside as well. Before my eyes my beautiful BLUE JAY came and looked me right in my eyes. Signs and prayers answered right at that moment. I have always known Blue Jay Birds are unique but never knew they give you clarity and spiritual guidance in your life until this morning. Just had to share. After we came back into the house I explained that the BLUE JAY just gave me a spiritual connection he grabbed my hands and started to pray with me. A BLUE JAY MAY HAVE SAVED MY MARRIAGE TODAY! 😇😇😇

Kristin Underwood said...

Blue Jay came to visit today. It's a rarity to see them, but today I received two messages. The first was a healthy, talkative, & playful blue. We had a nice, long conversation in different dialects including his own (my friends refer to me as the bird whisperer...they just joke because I can mimic birds of all kinds & they talk back). He inspired me to paint his sky colors. Later, a friend sent me a photo of an injured, dying bluejay :(. This all lead me to read your inspiring words. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

nicholas matthews said...

Hello.. Yesterday evening when my boyfriend and I where standing outside a blue jay flew towards me but then I ran in the house because I was scared. I want know what didoeshat mean? This is not the first time it's happened in my life..

OnlyAboutM99 said...

I love reading everyone's stories of their encounters w/ the beautiful Blue Jays. I have been seeing them more and more this past year! I've had 3 lives ones pass away in the past 3 1/2 yrs and have had many stressful events in my personal life. From reading this website I know now I have been severely distracted from evolving, stepping into my own truth, living in harmony and taking care of my self and family. This bird is so beautiful. It calls out to me which seems daily.

Before my 2 day troubled event happened it called out to me to my back yard. I heard it and walked outside seen it. I kept wondering what's going on and what does all this mean. Now I know all of this was a warning to be strong, walk in truth and you will be standing alone (but not alone because it will feel like I'm alone) I could be in my room and hear them singing outside and I'll tell my husband "You hear that; that's the BlueJay" My mom visits often and is confused on the meaning and I'll show her them in my backyard.

The bluejays have been visiting my younger sisters house too but only after my 14 year old chihuahua passed away. There were 3 of them and after a major storm last year one had died from it. They still seem them. The BlueJays are still more frequent at my house though.

Can you shed some light on what's going on w/ my beautiful little buddies? I love them and I don't want them to go away.

OnlyAboutM99 said...
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Judith Hirst said...

Hi nicholas matthews
Thanks for writing to me. Without knowing what is going on in your life, it is difficult to say why Blue Jay is choosing to contact you. What I can say is that it is not unusual for a Spirit Animal/Guide to try to directly contact the person that they need to work with. The challenge of course, is for you not to feel fear, but to go with the flow and be accepting of this new part of your life. Blessings, Judy

Judith Hirst said...

Dear ONLYABOUTM99 - Thank you for writing. What a wonderful story to share. As I said in an early post, without knowing your circumstances, it is difficult to know the specific meaning of Blue Jay's visits to you. Since there is a lot of dismantling of secrets right now in the world - for example, The Panama Papers - they may be visiting you about releasing family secrets or about letting the masks that we all wear in different circumstances, drop away. Blessings, Judy

Judith Hirst said...

ANONYMOUS - I am sorry for the long delay in answering. I love that you have flocks of Blue Jays feeding at your house. This does show that they have wonderful trust in you and feel safe at your place. It is also about truth in community and feeding the hungry. Well done! Blessings, Judy

OnlyAboutM99 said...

Thank you, Judy for responding to my post! One Blue Jays have come directly to me right in front of my face. It was just a few weeks after my brother in law passed away. It scared me! It was seriously getting my attention and before that it continued to get closer and closer!!

"The Panama Papers" is a very interesting insight. I am very trusting and time has shown me. I'm trusting to the wrong people/family and I end up hurt emotionally and spiritually. So I know I need strength in this area.

Kenya Scott said...

I seen a blue jay when I came outside one day and I was told it was someone watching over me cause I have been going through a lot lately but I have prayed to God about some things.one morning the blue jay landed on something and looked at my daughter like it knew her.i feel like the blue jay is letting me know everything is gonna be ok. Kenya Scott

Arawynn Eveningstar said...

I was recently at a pagan festival and I had invited my non-pagan boyfriend up for an evening to see what it was I was so excited about. I was showing him around the campground when I heard a loud noise on our left. I turned and saw a Blue Jay sitting on the ground. I managed to snap a photo of him before he flew off. The next day I was taking my boyfriend to the Norse shrine at the campground and when we reached the clearing where the shrine was I heard the sound again and in front of us, on various levels of a tree, were 3 blue jays. One flew in one direction and the other two straight ahead. I had been at this camp ground for almost a week without spotting a single bird so I made a note of it to look Blue Jays up when I got home. The day after the 3 jay sighting he was at a family cottage area and he found a Blue Jay feather on the ground and brought it home for me. I did not see another Jay while I was away. I am curious what your thoughts might be? I have been contemplating our relationship as of late and whether or not it should continue and wondering if this is a sign but unsure what it could possibly mean. I wondered if the Jays were for him or both of us. He found the feather without me but we saw the birds while together. A big part of me thinks there is a reason it happened when we were together but not quite sure to why. Thank you in advance for your help.

Judith Hirst said...

Hi Arawynn than you for your sharing. Since Jay is coming to you both, it seems this is about expanding your spiritual knowledge & looking beyond paganism to more formal training arouND Earth magic. Blessings

Arawynn Eveningstar said...

Thank you for your response Judith. I consider myself an electic witch and do work with the elements already. My boyfriend, however is a muggle and an atheist. So I am not sure if you mean both of us should be studying earth magic or just me. This is why I was confused by the jays showing up just when we were both together, since he is non-magickal or not open to it for himself. I have read that Blue Jays have one mate only. Also they are tricksters and mimic other birds and whatnot. As I had been contemplating whether or not to continue in this relationship it makes me wonder if them showing up was an indication toward my relationship. I have a lot of serious contemplation to do. Thank you.

Suz Jackson said...


I had a trying two weeks.nfirst my sister passed from breast cancer and then my dog passed one week later. I found him on his blanket on the floor when I woke up. Later that day, I took my other dog for a walk. Upon returning I was annoyed that I found no feathers left in his honor. I said to myself...he at least deserves a blue feather. I walked into my backyard and sure enough on the perimeter of my yard and my neighbors was a small blue jay feather. I took it and was grateful but since it really wasn't in my yard I figured it to be coincidence. The next day when I got home from work I saw something sticking straight up out of my yard. Yes, I was really excited it was another blue jay feather this time clearly in my yard And pointing straight up out if the ground. The next day a red tailed hawk was in front on my home. The next day I found a third blue jay feather in my yard under some brush when I was mowing. My sister and dog died too young. I am so sad. Is there any meaning to my feathers and hawk. Thanks and peace, Suzanne