Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Nature Speaks - This Is My Gym



Nature always reminds us that the best place to be is outside, close to the Earth and close to Nature.  The outdoors is healing.  Yes, it can be tough and even dangerous.  Nature does however, bring you closer to yourself.  It lets all of the frustrations and resentments melt away, into the healing folds of the Earth.

When you are outside, in Nature, whether in a park, your garden, or on a mountain side, you feel your body respond to the calmness and the sense of rightness.  Our bodies are living organisms that crave to be in the sunlight and to feel the wind and the rain and the stars.  Our bodies die a little faster when they are cooped up in tall, stuffy buildings.

Today, find time to go for a walk.  Take that extra few minutes to refresh your body, and your mind.


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