Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Nature Speaks - March 2017


March is the time of beginnings.  New animals come into the world – in the North Hemisphere – because the days are longer and warmer.  The snow and cold is mostly behind us.  We see the first sprigs of green come up on the warm days.

Nature reminds us that there are seasons for reasons.  She tells us that everything has a cycle.  If you are experiencing a problem and you feel like the timing is off, it is because you may be out of your season for doing "something".  Nature tells us that we need to come back into balance, to ground, to find inner peace, and then move forward with our activity or task.

Make a list of things that have not worked in the past, and then when all of a sudden, things seemed to work with out extra effort.  You can do it by year and by month.  You will start to see your cycle of achievement.


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