Friday, 31 March 2017

Nature Speaks - The Subtle Energy



Nature teaches us that our well being is not separate from her well being.  The more time we spend inside, in large buildings, in stale air, the more we insulate ourselves from Nature and all that is natural.  We come to accept the artificial.

Nature teaches us about subtle energies when we are out in the parks or beside the rivers.  She teaches us to feel how the energy in the area touches our energy and then merges with it.  It is Nature's instant messaging system.  And, just like having a bad messaging app, if you are shut off from Nature, you will not receive the message.

Nature teaches us about seeing beyond our self image.  She makes life more interesting by showing us all of the aspects of Creator, inside that little space that we are standing in, when we are outside.  She gives us a chance to change how we have been and to create who we want to be.


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