Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Nature Speaks - It's In The Water



Nature reminds us that we are mostly made up of water.  So, we come under her care.  She tells us to get more, clean water into our bodies.  She tells us to go to the seas and the oceans and to be in the salt water so that it can cleanse us.

Nature reminds us that we are polluting and killing aspects of our oceans and seas.  She asks what you can do, today, to help clean the water.  We know that salt water is healing and cleansing.  We know that we have had an abundance of water, but that it is a shrinking natural resource because of the damage that mankind is doing to it. 

Nature reminds us that clean water is necessary to our survival, and that when we drink half a gallon of water a day, our skin is soft and our hair is shiny, and we need less solid food.

Today, have a sea salt bath.  Drink a half a gallon of clear water over the day, and give thanks to Nature, to Mother Earth, for water.


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