Monday, 13 March 2017

Nature Speaks - Do Not Give Up


The best lesson that Nature gives us that we cannot give up.  Nature never does.  Nature, as a guiding principle, instills the will to continue, in all her children – plants, animals, insects, fish, and all manner of creepers and crawlers. 

Water, wind, ice, and fire all work on the physical aspects of the Earth to change them.  The change most often is not instantaneous, but happens over time.  Time may be decades or eons. 

Humans do not understand the concept of time in the same way.  Human life span is measured in decades. Therefore, all change, in human time, needs to be very quick. Having patience and lack of patience are character builders that we all struggle with.  Seeing something through to the end is so very satisfying.

What are you going to work on that you have given up on in the past?


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