Sunday, 31 January 2016

Spirit Animal - Polar Bear On Survival


Another night of dreams and walking, and talking with those that know so much.

Polar Bear took me on a hike with him through the different areas that were part of his territory.  The snow is deep, and it is cold.  The wind blows off the ocean with a bitterness that surprises me.  I ask if it is always like this.  Bear answers that it is often worse.  The bad weather is good for the bears because the seals are forced to come to shore and then the hunting is good.  Bears, he explains, do not get lost in the wind and snow when it gets all white (white-outs).  The blowing snow is good cover.

Bear talks about survival and how it seems everything is changing.  The seasons do not seem quite right.  Food is more scarce.  Bear is finding different ways to survive.  While seal is a staple food, some bears are going after dogs and after dog food, and garbage.  Some bears are stealing the catch of the humans. 

Bear says that the bear people are going to have to change to keep going.  He sees that the survival rate of young bears has been dropping.  Some of his friends are no longer.  He wonders when his time will come. 

We both turn as we hear a loud crash.  It seems like the largest wave that I have ever seen is coming over the rocks.  I am startled. I wake up.


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Anonymous said...

Judy, I too have been dreaming about polar bears and how they are having trouble finding food. Why are we both having this dream?