Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Angels Speak - You Are Confident



My friend Wendy and I were talking about goal setting and how we both do it at the beginning of the year.  She was saying that her goal this year is to take better care of herself.  My goal, I said, was to make it through the year. 

"Well," she said, "That is a measurable goal!"

We both laughed.  However, I was not joking.  I think that this year, 2016, will be very challenging to all of us in physical and mental ways.  I am working on finding a meditation time period and a series of guided meditations that resonate with me.  The ones that I used to use are not working for me now. 

I went to the dentist today for a checkup and for teeth cleaning.  I have been seeing this dentist since 2002.  He was looking at my mouth.  He said that I was taking better care of my teeth than I thought I was doing.  He poked at a crown.  He made me laugh when he said, "Remember this tooth and the root canal, and the problems it caused.  The little bugger has not given us any grief since." 

As we talked, he made me think about the poster – You're doing better than you think.  I realized that all of us are doing what we do, and often, we think we are not doing so well.  The rest of our world watches and they think we are doing very well at life.

That includes you.  You are doing better than you think.


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