Sunday, 17 January 2016

Angels Speak–About Standing Out



We are all here, looking to fit in, and not knowing what fitting in really means.  For some of us, it is being part of the crowd.  For others, it is being part of a family or tribe.  Still for others, it is about being excellent at what they do.  These are the nerds, if you will.  These are the scientists, archeologists, musicians, artists, actors, and the risk takers. 

We are all required to move our civilization foward.  We are all required to create the whole.  My observation is that many people consider that they alone are the "great ones" and that others do not matter. 

If I have learned anything so far in this life, it is that we all matter.  We all contribute.  We are all part of the Universe.  That is what matters.


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