Friday, 29 January 2016

Spirit Animal - Buffalo on Winter


Buffalo walks in my dreams and tells me that food is getting more scarce.  I look around and I see that it is winter.  I tell Buffalo that food is always more scarce in Winter.  He shakes his shaggy head at me and says that I don't understand.  He says that the plants are not regenerating as they should.  He says the land is not fertile and that the plants are not as healthy.

In the dream, Buffalo says that the herd will move to a different spot – further west he thinks.  I ask what is causing the problem.  Buffalo shakes his head again.  He is not sure, he says, but he thinks it is the way that the humans are digging in the ground.  I take it that he means how they drill for oil and perhaps mining.  When i ask him this, he shakes again, and says it is more about how the land is torn up to put in roads and buildings, and how the leftovers (waste) from the humans is handled. 

He walks up to me and butts me with his head.  It is his way of saying goodbye.  He turns, and as one, the herd moves with him and they begin their trek.

I feel sad, and I yell "Goodbye!".

I do not think I will see him again in dream time.


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